Man Pays the Price for Poaching 200 inch Buck

The Iowa DNR just closed a case this past week that dropped a hefty fine on a poacher. 41-year- old Brett Cranston of Jefferson, Iowa pleaded guilty poaching a monster buck that green scored around 200 inches.

The charges included trespassing while deer hunting, using a motor vehicle to hunt deer, and shooting within 200 yards of a residence this past week. He is now banned from hunting for a year, lost the deer, lost his shotgun, was fined $8,000 and lost any respect he had in the hunting community.

According to local news station WHOTV, the incident occurred on 11 December 2016. The DNR received a call about someone trespassing during shotgun season. During the investigation they were able to determine Cranston first shot at the deer near Jefferson then followed it on county roads – stopping occasionally to fire more shots. The deer finally died in a cornfield near Cooper.

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