Man Poisons Deer and Authorities Need Your Help

What is this world coming to? Last week a South Carolina man was caught on trail cam spraying poison on a hunters corn pile. The property owner, Reny Melo, went to Facebook hoping people would be able to identify the perpetrator.

Ridgeville – Summerville – Dorchester : this guy was caught on our cameras spraying poison on deer corn. He is…

Posted by Reny Melo on Tuesday, October 24, 2017

If you read the comments Reny speculates that it may be another hunter sabotaging his set. He posted when asked why someone would do that,” No idea. Its private property of 20 arcres and no one around. However they are getting an idea of who. Has to be close by and to even know where this is located. This site is or was home to really nice size deer. It has to be another hunter trying to kill or move the deer. Their beds are not far.”

As of right now there has been no updates on if the caught this guy. If you recognize this man or have information please contact the South Carolina DNR.