Man Rescues Locked up Buck

It is not uncommon for bucks antlers to get tangles together. If they can not get separated it often results in the death of both deer.  This deer is lucky that Jake Cosley was able to come to his aid. If he was not able to get the deer apart it would have spelled certain death for for the buck.

Jake Cosley posted the following to his Facebook page.

So I come across this this evening on my snowcat ride. Thought the deer was dead at first until I got up to it and it started trying to walk away, no idea how long they’ve been stuck together but the coyotes sure did a number on the other one. Even tho the deer was weak it was still quite the battle trying to hold him still and to pull and pry on the other one. Definitely not something you come across everyday!

You can see in his video that the buck he ends up rescuing has already been chewed up by coyotes.

The deer is weak but free. Hopefully he will be able to recover his strength and survive the rest of the winter.

Great job on the rescue Jake.