Man Saves Four Squirrels after Their Tails get Tangled Together

No one is really sure how this even happened, but the video does not lie. Four squirrels got into a crazy predicament when all four of their tails became intertwined and stuck together. They kind of looked like a rodent pinwheel.

Lucky for them they were rescued by Andrew Day of Bangor, Maine. He found them all tied up in a knot and was able to capture the ordeal on video.

According to WGME CBS 13, he thought the ball of fur tumbling across the street was a cat attacking an injured squirrel. Worried about the wild animal, he ran outside to find not one but four squirrels, and they appeared to be tied together by their tails.

“I took the video as a holy-cow- what-the- hell-is- this video,” Day, 41, said in a phone interview today. “I was just marveling at it.”

The video is only 28 seconds, lasting as long as it took for Day to slowly approach the entangled rodents. He then spotted a house cat nearby and shooed it off.

“So we got the cat away,” Day explained. “And we got the squirrels sort of collectively — as a creepy squirrel pinwheel — by a tree.”

Day and his father attempted to call Bangor Animal Control, but since it was Sunday, the office was closed. So they tried the Bangor Police Department, which instructed them to contact the area game warden.

“The closest game warden reported that he would be about an hour getting there,” Day said.

Meanwhile, the four squirrels were attempting to climb a tree, and they kept falling down.

“Three were going vertical, but the fourth was facing downward, so they couldn’t make any headway,” Day said.

They ushered the squirrels into a card board box. Once in the box, the squirrels panicked for a few minutes, then appeared to calm down. Day assumes they were just exhausted, and possibly in a state of shock. He took the opportunity to inspect their tails.

“It was like a giant dreadlock,” Day said, “intertwined with it was straw and twigs and there was some plastic.”

Day’s best guess is that the squirrels tails got tangled up while in the nest, and the debris in their tails was simply nest material. However, it’s hard to say what exactly happened.

“I got some scissors and I trimmed tail hair off the squirrels for about an hour and a half,” Day said. “It was quite the operation. I’m happy to report they were fine.”

Day released the squirrels back into their tree where they seem to have made a complete recovery.

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