Man Sentenced for Shooting at Lightning Bugs with a Handgun

Let this be a lesson for everyone to stay away from bath salts. They make you crazy, do stupid things, and will probably land you in jail.

According to Fox 8 News, Jesse Shields, of Mill Hall, Pennsylvania, was high on bath salts last June when he fired a handgun at what he thought were “Alien Lasers.” It turns out they were just lightning bugs.

Fearing they were being chased presumably by the “Aliens”, Shields and a woman, Katherine McCloskey, ran to a nearby home where the homeowner got the gun from them and called 911.

Shields then asked the homeowner if he could take a shower to “get the goo off him that was burning his skin.”

Shields was sentenced Monday to three to six years in prison after pleading guilty last month to criminal trespass and firearms without a license

So let this be a lesson to everyone out there do not do drugs.