Man Severely Burn Himself Lighting Bon Fire with Diesel {16 Pictures}

All it takes is one moment of indiscretion to scar you for life. Fire is a very useful tool, but it can be dangerous. If you are not careful it can cause serious injuries. These injuries can be amplified when accelerants such as gasoline or diesel are used.

The following warning was posted to Facebook with the following pictures. These are hard to look at but hopefully will make a person take a few extra seconds and think things through.

Viewer discretion advised!
I am posting some photos of an accident that happened and caused severe burns requiring skin graphs and probably years of care, as a Warning of what can happen in an INSTANCE OF TIME BUT LASTS FOREVER.
This happened when the person was trying to light a fire with very wet combustibles. Used diesel on the material to try to light it. Seemingly it did not light so second attempt used some petrol/gasoline to get it going. Unfortunately they did not see a small flame alight from the initial try on the other sided the bonfire . As they tipped the fuel on the material the vapour ignited and the can burst into flames in his hand, he dropped the can which spilt on his leg and the rest is history.
Please all, take care when using fuels to start fires, we all have done it and still do it, but it can bite you severely if one minuscule thing goes wrong.
Last 3 photos are a few weeks after leaving hospital and in recovery. Wishing him well.