Man Shoots Buck, Jumps High Fence, Takes Picture, and Steals the Deer’s Head

Now let me break this story down. A picture of a monster buck was posted to a South Dakota hunting page. At first, it was thought to be a free-range buck, but some commenters questioned the white antlers (a good sign of a farm-raised deer.) The pages admin decided to do a little digging and that is when the story got weird.

According to South Dakota BIG Bucks, a man shot into a high fence hunting preserve and killed a monster buck. He proceeded to climb the fence and took a picture with the buck. He then removed the head and threw it over the fence and left the meat to rot.

At some point in time, the picture made its way onto social media. South Dakota BIG Bucks was able to get in contact with the owner of the game farm and confirm that it was his deer in the picture.

100% confirmed, this is what happened to the buck poached by Dugan Traversie.
He shot the buck from the Little Moreau State Park, the buck was inside the high fence and was shot Wednesday or Thursday last week.
He climbed the fence, took a picture with the buck, cut the head off, and threw it over the fence leaving the the rest to rot.The owner had been looking for the buck for days and finally found him Friday. I’m just sick!

South Dakota BIG Bucks

After reading some of the comments Little Moreau State Park borders land owned and fenced by Timber Lake Lodge, an 8,000-acre private hunting reserve.

Now I am not sure if you can call what he did poaching. Since it was a privately owned animal would it be more like stealing livestock? I am not sure.

One thing I am sure of is that leaving the meat to rot is still despicable. It does not matter if it was a high fence deer or not. Leaving the meat to waste is unforgivable.

As far as we can tell the man is yet to be charged. We will keep you updated on this when more news comes to light.