Man Shoots Burglars with Bow

Most people keep a gun next to their nightstand, but apparently not this Shaler, Pennsylvania home owner. When two men broke into his home, he grabbed the closest weapon which just happened to be his bow.

According to WPXI Channel 11, he heard the men enter through his unlocked back door. He grabbed his bow and fired three arrows down the hall at the intruders. Those arrows missed their mark, but caused the pair to flee the scene. He fired one more arrow as the pair exited the house and the home owner thinks he struck one of the men in the arm.

The Shaler police Department responded to the home and searched the neighborhood for the men.  They told residence to shelter in place while they searched. They lifted the shelter in place order a few hour later with no reports of any arrests.

The source for the article did not give a lot of information on to the particulars that hunter might want to know. They did not mention if the home owner used broad heads or field points or if he used a compound or a traditional archer. Based on on the fact that he fired four arrows at the men suggest that he had to fire quickly that suggest traditional gear, but that is only a guess.

I can only imagine what was going through the heads of the intruders. You come around the corner and zip an arrow flies past your head. They must of crapped their pants. Glad the home owner put the fear of God into those two.

So what broadhead is the best for a home defense arrow? Would you want a fixed blade or expandable? I am sure there would be a ton of different opinions, and it would really be an interesting discussion.