Man Slammed With Massive Hunting Ban After Wasting Meat

A lot of states have wanton waste laws on the book that states that meat off of big game must be processed for human consumption. This is a good thing and I wish the states that do not have such laws on the books. These laws ensure that the meat is not wasted and justifies the taking of the animal’s life. If a person decides to break these laws they will end up facing stiff penalties.

According to The Greeley Tribune, a South Dakota man was just sentenced for wasting the meat of a black bear he killed in Colorado in 2017. Robert Stalley, 58, of Pierre, S.D. was banned from hunting for 12 years,  fined $3,415 in addition to serving a one-year term of court-ordered unsupervised probation and forfeiture of his rifle.

The stiff penalty partly stems from Stalley’s attempt to evade and mislead investigators. For example, officers say Stalley presented a bag filled with deer meat during the required inspection of the bear’s hide. He also claimed He took meat from the backstraps and hind quarters, but that turned out to be a lie.

“During my interview with Mr. Stalley at his South Dakota home, he stated that he did take bear meat from the backstraps and hindquarters and that he ate some and gave some away; however, our investigation proved otherwise,” said Wildlife Officer Jack Taylor of Steamboat Springs in an agency news release. “In addition, Mr. Stalley took deer meat from the same location that the bear was harvested but chose to leave all of the bear meat behind, removing only the head and hide.”

I understand that not everyone likes bear meat, but that is no reason to waste it. It could have easily been given away. I know for a fact that somebody could have enjoyed it.