Man Uses No Trespassing Sign to Paddle Around Lake He’s Trespassing on

If you are going to ignore one sign you might as well ignore them all. Oh, while you are at it use one of the signs in place of a kayak paddle that you forgot, so you can go fish in a place those signs tell you not to.

That is exactly what a man did on a West Virginia lake. According to the WV Department of Natural Resources, a man drove past not one, not two, but fours no trespassing signs in order to launch his kayak. When he discovered that he had forgotten his paddle he decided to pull up another no trespassing sign and use that.

Needless to say when he was confronted by wildlife officers he had no excuse and promptly told them he knew he was trespassing.

Here is what the officers posted on the departments Facebook page:

On 7/17/2020, Marion County NRPO Randall K. Kocsis was notified by security personnel, of the Murray Energy Corporation (MEC), that an unoccupied pick up truck was parked on the MEC Thorne AMD Impoundment property near Mannington. NRPO Kocsis, with the assistance of Marion County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Wesley Wheeler, responded to investigate.

The investigation revealed that the truck was parked next to the impoundment underneath two (2) separate “Private Property/No Trespassing” signs. In order to have reached the location where it was parked, the truck was driven past two (2) other “Private Property/No Trespassing” signs.

An adult male was observed paddling a kayak across the impoundment using an improvised paddle. This individual was identified as the owner of the truck and it was determined that he had been fishing for bass and had a very productive morning fishing. The individual said that he knew what he was doing was wrong because he was on private property and was trespassing.

The individual also said that when he arrived at the property, he realized that he had forgotten his paddle. Consequently, he decided to pull out of the ground, on the impoundment dam face, a metal pole that had attached to it a “Private Property/No Trespassing sign which he then used as an improvised paddle.

The individual, who was very cordial with NRPO Kocsis, was cited for “Fishing without written permission” and was given a warning citation for “No audible sound-producing device” on the kayak.

On 7/17/2020, Marion County NRPO Randall K. Kocsis was notified by security personnel, of the Murray Energy Corporation…

Posted by West Virginia Natural Resources Police on Saturday, July 18, 2020