Man Watches Elk Get Buried By an Avalanche Then Rescues it

Jesse Dahlberg was watching as a railroad crew was setting off charges to trigger avalanches in Southeastern B.C. He witnessed an elk on the side of mount Denis that was close to the charges.

Jesse watched as an avalanche came down the mountain and quickly caught up to the elk burring it instantly.

“I didn’t know how big the avalanche was going to be, so I was hoping for the best, and when I saw it, I thought there’s no way that elk is going to survive,” said Dahlberg. “That wall of snow caught up to that elk so fast and just blasted it.”

Dahlberg, who is familiar with the area, drove to a path leading to where he had seen the elk get buried. He saw the noes and eyes poking out of the snow.

“I could tell it was alive,” he said. “It was looking at me, I could see its nose moving. It couldn’t move, it was in that snow like concrete.”

Dahlberg started digging while his friend went to get a shovel. After about 15 minutes of digging, the two were able to free the elk. It hopped a couple of yards away and just stood there, presumably exhausted and scared from the event.

“I put my arms up and started cheering because I was so excited that it was alive. The whole time I didn’t know if its back was broken or its legs were broken.”