Massive Muley Rescued After Antlers become Tangled

Deer have adapted well to living in an urban environment, and in a lot of places, their numbers have exploded. The only danger comes from their interaction with humans and human things, so they get a chance to grow old and big.

An old massive buck, known as the “King of Carson,” became tangled in a rope. Lucky for him Matt Parent noticed and called the Nevada Department of Wildlife who were able to sedate the buck and get him untangled.

Matt posted the following to his Facebook:

“Friday evening I found the “King of Carson” in a bit of a tangle. I called NDOW Friday night. I arranged to search for the buck on Saturday, we never found him. Well, Shawn Dixon and I found him this morning and with the help of NDOW officials we were able to untangle him. He’s free and healthy. The buck measures 42.5″ wide and 6.5″ at his bases. We (warden too) stayed with the buck until he fully recovered from his sedation. It feels great being able to help our wildlife! “

Awesome job, Matt! I have to admit I am a little jealous of you for being that close to such an awesome buck.