Massive Pile of Deer Parts Brings Outrage among Hunters [VIDEO]

In 2016 we saw a similar video surface, and many hunters became outraged.

Someone that processes deer will throw out the spare parts that are not used. Hunters will record the pile of deer parts on their phone. Many people make assumptions about what is going on without the facts.

For everyone reading this you will now know what the problem is when you see this next year. Typically, a processor will drop all the leftover parts that take to much time into a waste pile like this. A simple solution is to learn to process your deer and utilize as much as possible.

On occasion, we have seen mass amounts of deer parts dropped by state game agencies from testing. State Game agencies leaving deer parts on public land is rare but does have a vital role in conservation. Early detection of diseases, such as CWD, can lead to hunters preventing the spread of these conditions. Usually, there will be heads with the parts if this is the case.

It may be easy for some to run their mouth on Facebook, but it is not always for a just cause. Learn to process your meat and get involved with your local game agencies, and you will soon realize this is not as bad as you thought.