Massive Slug Gives New Definition to “Flower Power”

The hippies are probably not going to like this one. The Gatekeeper slug may not look like much but once fired blooms into a beautiful deadly flower that packs a serious punch.

TAOFLEDERMAUS put this slug to the test and they were very surprised. Not only was it incredibly accurate, but it was also absolutely devastating. On initial inspection, they thought they would be dealing with a fragmenting round but once fired the held together and made one gigantic hole.

The regular-sized shotgun slug expanded out to the size of a silver dollar and shredded whatever they shot it at. You defiantly do not want to get hit with that chunk of copper.

In this video we test a slug called “The Gatekeeper”. I’ve never heard of it and wasn’t impressed with anything about it when I first saw it. This is the first segmented, lead-free slug we have tested that has actual “controlled expansion”. Slugs like this normally just fragment into many pieces- that is what we expected to see. I believe the slug is actually made by Maker Bullets – who call it “Maker Overwatch Field 1 oz Shotgun Slug”.

You can get your own devastating flower power HERE