MeatEater Cameraman Takes a Ride on a Brown Bear


MeatEater, Steve Rinella’s TV show is on of the most popular shows on the Sportsman’s Channel. While filming an elk hunting episode for next season on Afognak Island, the crew had quite the encounter with a Kodiak brown bear.

In a Facebook post, Steve posted that they were charged by the bear when they went to retrieve some meat that was hanging in a tree.  The bear came out of no where and was in their face in an instance. MeatEater’s producer, Janis Potelas smacked the bear in the face with his trekking pole. The bear ended up running over cameraman, Garret Smith, who some how managed to ride the bear 15-20 feet down the hill.

Luckily no one was hurt and they got out of a dangerous situation unscathed.

Unfortunate the camera’s were not rolling, so we will never get to see the encounter on an upcoming episode. I guess we will just have to hear the story on hopefully the next MeatEater Podcast.

You can check out Steve’s Post HERE:

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