Meth Head/Serial Poacher Arrested after Trying to Run Over Coyote with a Truck

A serial poacher was arrested after game wardens observed him driving erratically through a wheat field trying to run over a coyote. The game wardens were in the area investigating a slew of poaching events.

Oklahoma Game Wardens posted the following story to their Facebook page.

“John Grellner (Canadian County), Blake Pearson (Kingfisher County), and Phillip Cottrill (Major County) recently worked several nights to catch a serial poacher. All the Wardens in the area received and investigated reports of multiple deer with heads cut off west of Hennessy along Turkey creek.

Their break finally came when Warden Grellner observed a vehicle driving erratic and at high speeds across a couple wheat fields attempting to run over a coyote. Grellner followed the vehicle but wasn’t able to stay up with the suspect safely because of the muddy roads. The suspect continued towards Warden Pearson and turned into a oil lease road. Pearson and Grellner were able to apprehend the suspect coming out of the lease road.

In total 5 deer heads were seized, along with syringes, meth, a rifle and pistol. Multiple charges have been filed and the suspect was jailed.

Many thanks to all the different citizens who took the time to report these crimes. We need your eyes and ears!”

#DrugsAndDeerJohn Grellner (Canadian County), Blake Pearson (Kingfisher County), and Phillip Cottrill (Major County)…

Posted by Oklahoma Game Wardens on Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Big shout out to these Game wardens for keeping our wildlife safe and getting this guy out of the woods.