Michael Beatty Issues Statement on Brewster Buck And It’s Pure Gold

Until this year Micheal Beatty had the distinction of holding the world record of the largest non-typical whitetail killed with a bow. He now has to pass the torch to Luke Brewster. Brewster’s buck scored an amazing 320 5/8 inches compared to Beatty’s buck of 304 6/8 inches.

Beatty issued a statement about Brewster’s buck and it shows just how classy of a guy Michael Beatty is.

Yesterday’s announcement of “The Brewster Buck”, a 320 ⅝ inch pending World Record was a great day for hunters everywhere.. Word in the woods is that Luke is a very deserving hunter. I look forward to the day I can meet Luke and shake his hand, not only for his recent Whitetail accomplishment but for his service to our country. I jokingly told both my kids who are serving, that it would be a little easier to grasp if the prior Marine hunter was prior Air Force, lol.. Yesterday was a day we celebrate news of “The Brewster Buck”. Everyday should be a celebration to all sportsman & conservationists across this great nation. From the Dale Austin Buck to the Brewster Buck we’ve all come a long way, planting, planning, educating ourselves to better manage the quality of our deer & wildlife in general in many ways. I’ve learned so much from everyone I’ve encountered along my journey. My hope is that Luke’s journey is just as fulling as mine has been. Thanks to Luke for sharing this magnificent animal with all of us and congratulations sir.. 👊😉🏹
Well said Mike, you are a true sportsmen and an inspiration to all hunters.