Michigan Senate Paves The Way For Wolf Hunting

A bill just passed the Michigan senate.

This would designate wolves as a game species when they come off the Federal Endangered Species List. Michigan launched its first-ever wolf hunt in 2014, allowing a limited number of kills in three regions of the Upper Peninsula. But the voter referendums and court rulings derailed plans for subsequent seasons. This new bill includes am appropriation that would protect it from voter referendums.

Anti-conservation groups are not happy about decision. Jill Fritz of Keep Michigan Wolves Protected and the U.S. Humane Society stated “We have heard this before. In 2014, the citizens of Michigan went to the polls and soundly rejected by a landslide vote almost the identical language of this bill.”

Democrats are also not happy with the bill. Sen. Rebekah Warren, D-Ann Arbor, proposed removing the appropriation to make the bill subject to possible voter referendum and argued against allowing “unelected” commissioners to designate game species.

Here at the Sportsman’s Party we believe that wildlife management should be left to science and not emotion. The legislation would direct the commission to “use principles of sound scientific wildlife management” when considering a game species designation. This is best for wildlife and the ecosystems.

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