Microwaving a Live .50 Cal BMG

Since the dawn of time people have been doing stupid things, but with the invention of the internet, we can now watch these stupid things from the safety of our computer screens. No longer do we have to put ourselves in danger to see what happens when you put ammunition in the microwave.

Hey, what could go wrong? You would think to start small and maybe use a .22 or something then work your way up to the big guns, but that is not what the guys at Demolition Ranch decided to do. They decided to go balls to the wall and break out a .50 BMG.

Like the disclaimer in the video says DO NOT try this at home.

They set the round on a block of wood and set the timer for five minutes.

Here is the science behind what happened. Microwave ovens work by electromagnetic radiation. the microwave creates an electromagnetic field that radiates microwaves. These microwaves cause the electrons in the food to vibrate which creates heat.

In food, the heat can escape in the form of steam. With metal, there is no way for the heat to escape so it heats up super quick. Some electrons are able to escape in the form of lightning but that is not enough to dissipate the heat.

In the first five minutes in the video, the block of wood allows enough heat to escape and keeps the temperature below the gun powder’s flashpoint of around 820F. When the block of wood is removed the heat has nowhere to go and ignites the powder in a few minutes causing an explosion.