That Time Miley Cyrus Brutally Attacked Kendall Jones!!!

Miley Cyrus went on a profanity filled rant about Kendall Jones on Instagram. The distance some people will go to try to shame our fellow blood brothers and sisters is unfathomable. Words cannot even describe the personality of the shock value pop star. In my personal opinion, if you have to use absurd amounts of profanity to get your point across, or in an attempt to disgrace another person, then that is just a true sign of ignorance.miley cyrus and kendall jones

kendall jones

If you listen or participate in anything Miley Cyrus does then you are just adding fuel to the fire that is her uninformed followers. Outdoor men and women, we need to show our support for Kendall Jones. An attack on Kendall Jones because she is a hunter is also a direct attack on all hunters. If you follow Kendall Jones on any of her social media pages then you already know she is an amazing woman. She lives a life most of us dream about. She hunts (legally and ethically), loves her family, and loves God.

I want you all to think long and hard about these two women. Which one of them would you rather your kids look up to as a role model–a God fearing, family loving hunter with true values, or sexual deviant with zero morals?