Military Exchange Slaps Restrictions on High Capacity Magazines

The Army and Airforce Exchange (AAFES) has decided that our service men and women cannot be trusted with magazines that hold over 11 rounds. Keep in mind that these same personnel are routinely issued multiple 30 round magazines and while in combat zones carry duty weapon with them everywhere they go. If anyone should be trusted with these items it is them.

ARMY WTF Moments posted the following pictures to their Facebook page.

AAFES responded to the post with the following Statement:

The Army & Air Force Exchange Service has merchandised high-capacity magazines (sold separately) primarily as a result of vendor recommendations to offer the original equipment typically sold with certain firearms. As a result of a recent review, a decision has been made to discontinue the sale of these products (magazines that are sold separately) at the Exchange. The military exchanges’ merchandising strategies and product lines are unique and Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airmen are encouraged to cross-shop each exchange. The Exchange and MCX policies align on magazines sold separately over a capacity of 11 rounds.

Many service members and veterans are wondering who made the call to pull these items from the shelf and intact the new policy. It seem really ironic that the ones responsible for maintaining our freedom are being restricted in this way.