Monster Typical Certified as State Record

The 60 drying period is finally up and the monster buck shot back in November has been officially scored and has officially been crowned the largest typical whitetail deer ever killed in West Virginia.

According to The West Virginia Metro News, Jody Dalton of Princeton West Virginia shot a monster 12-point buck back in November in Wyoming County, which is one of four bowhunting only counties in the state. When Dalton and a friend recovered the buck they knew they had something special. The pictures of the deer quickly went viral.

“When I first laid eyes on him I said to myself, ‘Oh my God, this could be a state record.’” he explained in the radio interview.

The 60-day drying period passed and the buck was panel scored by biologists Todd Dowdy and Eric Richmond along with the state’s Assistant Chief for Game Management Gary Foster.

Dalton knew it would be close. The current record sat at 188 7/8ths and was killed by Chad Scyphers in McDowell County killed back in 2014.

After many long minutes the score was finally ready and Todd Dowdy read the results.

“It grossed 195 0/8ths. There were 3 6/8ths in deductions for a final score of 191 2/8ths.,” Dowdy said.

That score makes the buck the new state record typical.

Most of the deer’s deductions came from one sticker point on one of the tines other wise the deer was almost perfectly symmetrical. Dowdy described it as the perfect deer.

What an awesome buck. Congratulations to Jody on the Buck of a life time.