Moose does a Baseball Slide to Avoid Hitting Car

Of all the animals in North America to hit with your car, a moose is probably the worst. They sit up just high enough that if you hit one you take out its legs and the huge body comes crashing through your windshield. Many people have been killed in such accidents and the results are not pretty.

The car in this video barely escapes such a fate, partially due to the moose putting on the breaks and sliding across the highway to avoid the collision.

We are not sure where this video comes from. Judging by the car it may be quite a few years old and has just recently surfaced online.

As you can see in the video the moose drops down on its front legs and does a slide that would make a lot of pro baseball players jealous. It is really incredible to watch.

So keep yourself safe when you are driving and do your best to avoid hitting wildlife because the can do a lot of damage and possibly kill you.