Mother Fights Mountain Lion to Save Son

Chelsea Bromley saved her son’s life by jumping on cougar

Earlier this week we reported on a seven-year-old boy that was attacked by a mountain lion. New details have emerged and we need to update everyone on the story.

According to Global News Canada, the only reason the boy is alive is because his mother jumped on the cougar’s back and pried its jaws loose from the boy.

Zach Bromley was playing in his back yard when he was attacked by a mountain lion. His mother, Chelsea, who was inside heard the commotion and went to investigate. When she saw what was happening she leaped into action.

“She jumped on top of this thing, but it just wouldn’t let go of Zack’s forearm, so she then had to pry this cougar’s jaw open,” Kevin Bromley, Zach’s Father, said. “She told me she couldn’t do it for two or three seconds, but then she screamed ‘help’ and it just let go and ran off. And there was blood everywhere.”

Zach is expected to make a full recovery, but please keep him and his family in your prayers.