Mountain Lion Enters Bedroom and Steals Small Dog

A homeowner in San Mateo County, California got the shock of her life when she was woken up in the middle of the night to find a mountain lion in her bedroom. He snuck in and snatched her pet dog that was feet away from her bed.

According to the LA Times, The woman and her child were sleeping in her bedroom at about 3 a.m., when her 15-pound Portuguese Podengo, which was just feet away from them, suddenly started barking aggressively. She woke up and saw a shadow of an animal walk through her partially open French doors and entered her bedroom. The animal then took the small dog from the foot of her bed and walked out. With a flashlight, the woman looked for her dog, but only found large wet paw prints at the entrance of her bedroom.

The police were called who contacted fish and wildlife officers. They were unable to locate the lion or the dog.

Lion hunting was banned in California back in by 1990. They are considered a “specially protected species,” even though they are considered a species of lest concern. There is an estimated 4- 6,000 lions in the state. The population is healthy to have a sustainable hunting season but state politics will not allow it.

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