Mountain Lion Jumps in Bed with Woman

When someone says they were in bed with a cougar it usually has nothing to do with a large cat. This was not the case for a northern California woman who was rudely wakened when a mountain lion jumped through her apartment window.

According to Fox 40 in Sacramento, the big cat climbed into the window, after it ran into a door at a bowling alley next door. The woman inside was sleeping when the lion jumped on her bed.

“She was asleep and it landed on her bed and actually at first I think she said she thought she was dreaming, it didn’t seem real,” apartment manager Francis Muniz said. The tenant stayed calm and opened the back door, Muniz said. Bleeding and disoriented, the animal ran outside.

Mountain lions are protected in California despite the fact that they are not endangered and can support a sustainable harvest. As time goes on there will be more and more human lion interactions.

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