Muzzleloader Explodes in Man’s Hands [VIDEO]

I’m sure this is a day this man will never forget.

While getting ready for muzzleloader season this hunter learned you can never be too safe.

Here are the words from the person filming:

“we had an ugly reminder this weekend that you can never be to safe. I decided to film my good buddy off my hip as I looked down the spotter. Little did I know what would ensue, as you will/have watched. Muzzleloader season is almost upon us and for other states it’s here. Please please be safe and check your gun before you load and fire it. We don’t know the exact reason as to why this ultimate muzzleloader blew up but it did. This accident could have been a lot lot worse for my buddy but someone was looking over him and he is extremely lucky. Safety first and always!”

Glad to see the shooter is still alive and we pray for a quick recovery.