Mystery Disease is Killing Deer and We Do Not Know Why

Not actual photo of the deer in question

Hunters in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania cannot figure out what is killing their deer. So far 21 deer have been found dead of a strange disease. The deer begin by acting strange, for example walking sideways or like they are drunk. Then they curl up to go t0 sleep and never wake up.

According to ABC 27, Dennis Morgan of Carsonville first found a dying fawn that couldn’t control its legs the first week of the rifle deer season. He didn’t think much of it until he found three more the next week.

“After the season ended, we started going out walking our properties a little more thorough, and we’re up to 21 deer found dead, in their beds, rolled up, no holes, no broken bones, nowhere near water like a normal injured deer will go,” Morgan said.

Morgan says about half of these deer showed strange symptoms hours before dropping dead.

Some wouldn’t get up. Others walked sideways

Morgan shared his observations on Facebook.

Carsonville and surrounding friends/neighbors. I was going to wait for Toxicology tests to come back before announcing this but due to the time it is taking, I felt I needed to let you know now and will update later. If you are finding any dead deer around the area or live deer falling down/running circles or refusing to leave their beds, please call the Game Commission ASAP and report them all. We are up to 21 deer now found in the valley, all on the east end of Powells Valley. These deer have no broken bones, no holes etc.. they are just sick and die shortly after often curled up in their beds and not near water. Imagine how many we haven’t found. Its bad enough we have a local poacher who I recently identified to the authorities and am awaiting further instructions, but this appears to be either a virus or poisoning that is working very quickly against our local herd, mostly immature animals. Again we will know for sure in a few days but for the guys that hunt our farms both regular season and red tag, stay tuned as it may not be happening this coming season. I won’t allow someone to eat an animal that will make them ill and I sure wont’ allow killing just to kill. FYI this is NOT CWD as that takes much longer to manifest than the actual age of these deer, they are all too young to have already succumb to it. It also does not appear to be Blue Tongue as nothing physical matches the normal showings of EHD

Morgan gave a deer to the PA Game commission for testing and is awaiting results. Hopefully, they can find an answer.