Mystery Surrounds Deer Carcasses Dumped In Summit County Ohio

Authorities in Summit County have no leads in solving a Friday the 13th mystery involving the dumping of several deer carcasses that were found alongside a road.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife is also investigating the matter.

Wendy Hagen was one of the witnesses that called the scene in this what she had to say:

“It was sickening. It was really, really bad,” she said.

“There was duct tape around parts of them and some parts of them were skinned,” Hagen said. “And one leg was kind of laying away from the body.”

Spokesperson for the Ohio Division of Wildlife Jamey Emmert tells us: Some meat appeared to be removed, but some remained which is unusual for a hunter. She says it’s clear that this is not appropriate disposal which makes it a litter violation.

“It was uncalled for. It was sad, really sad. I’d much rather come down here and see them running and jumping across a fence than slaughtered on the side of the road,” she told us.

The Division of Wildlife is pursuing this as a litter violation and taking tips at 1-800-POACHER. So far, they have no leads.