The Myth of Bad Deer Genetics

Anytime a trail cam photo of a deer with a funky rack gets posted to social media without a doubt someone will comment, “You need to shoot that deer and get it out of the gene pool.” But bad genetics are not always the case when it comes to bucks with crazy racks.

For example this video was posted on Quality Deer Management Associations Facebook page.

You can tell it is the same deer because of the injury to its right leg.

Don't Shoot Bucks Just Because They Have Weird Antlers

Don't shoot bucks just because they have weird antlers. This Alabama buck is a great example of how some bucks recover from injury-related antler deformities.

Posted by The Quality Deer Management Association on Tuesday, June 20, 2017

In all likelihood it was that injury that caused the deformed rack not the deer’s genetics. As you can see from the second picture he rebounded into a real stud.