National Park Ranger Wants Wolf Hunters Shot

A wolf’s life is not equal to that of a human. That distinction seems to be lost om National Park Ranger Bill Zager. In a comment on an anti-hunting page he stated that wolf activists need to start shooting back when it comes to hunters legally killing wolves.

Scott Rockholm of Rockholm Media posted the following on his Facebook page:

It has been brought to my attention, a Yellowstone National Park Ranger is inciting the shooting of a human being who had legally harvest a wolf while posting on Suzanne Asha Stone’s (Defenders of Wildlife)Facebook page. The successful hunter did nothing wrong or illegal, and this Federal employee suggests that more wolf supporters shoot back at another human being. Bill Zager is by all accounts, inciting violence, at the very least, and murder. This man should be fired immediately and removed as a Park Ranger. Yellowstone has their own swamp, and it needs to be drained.

Please call the Yellowstone office, and demand his removal.
(307) 344-7381 (307) 344-2005



It seems that Mr Zager is not liking the attention he is getting from Rockholm’s post and is in damage control mode.

If you decide to contact Mr. Zager of the National Park Service please be respectful and do not stoop to their level. AS hunters we are ambassadors of our sport and must always act appropriately.