Nearly 200 Attended State’s Largest Women-Only CCW Course

On February 8, 2020, nearly 200 women received training for a license to carry a concealed weapon. According to Ohio officials, this was the largest women-only CCW class ever conducted in the state.

According to Yahoo News, New Prospect Baptist Church, one of the largest black congregations in Cincinnati opened it’s doors to the largest CCW Class ever conducted in the State of Ohio.

Two hundred women had signed up for the event and 179 women showed up out for the class. Most of the attendees stated similar reasons for attending. They were tired of being scared; scared of guns, scared of being alone in a home, and scared of walking in some neighborhoods. 

Karen Bolden, 56, was so scared of her husband’s guns she asked him to get rid of them when they got married two years ago. He did, but she’s working to conquer her fear. When Bolden’s sister alerted her to the class – and suggested they go together – she jumped at the chance.

“This is why this class is so important,” Bolden said. “We can’t be afraid.”

Instructor Bill Maltbie explained to the class why women-only classes are so important. 

“We do them so there are no men sitting there mansplaining because they’ve played a lot of video games,” Maltbie said. “We’re not here for Call of Duty. I just want to make sure I can go home at night and see my family.” 

The pastor of the Church, Rev. Damon Lynch III, who personally is not a gun person explained why he allowed the event to be held in his Church.

“I’m not a gun lover; I don’t own any guns, but people have Second Amendment rights to own a gun,” Lynch said. “In the African American community, the conversation is usually about buying guns back. But, if people are lawfully trained and learn how to be responsible, they will probably never use oneIt sets them on a different course. As opposed to a person who gets a gun and thinks I have to go shoot.”

And that, Lynch said, “is a good thing.”

I think it is awesome that the Church opened it’s doors and allowed such an awesome event that helped women protect themselves and those they love.