Never Lean a Loaded Gun Against Anything: This Guy Learns the Hard Way{VIDEO}

Almost all accidents are a result of carelessness. I think most shooters know and do the right thing, but there are some who get lazy and cut corners. That sort of behavior can have dangerous consequences.

This poor soul takes a shot and leans his gun against a sign. He proceeds down range to check his target. The sign falls over and his gun comes crashing to the ground.

The gun discharges and shoots the man in the leg. He hobbles around in considerable pain. Hopefully, it is just a flesh wound and he won’t make that mistake again.

I found this one on the Darwin Awards Twitter. They credit TheFigin with the video.

Acceding to Wikipedia the Darwin Awards are a tongue-in-cheek honor, originating in Usenet newsgroup discussions around 1985. They recognize individuals who have supposedly contributed to human evolution by selecting themselves out of the gene pool via death or sterilization by their own actions.

I do not think this guy died from his injuries but very well could of. Please be safe anytime you are handling firearms and don’t let this happen to you.