New Company ‘Air B&B for fishing’ Aims to Help get Families into Fishing

Looking for something fun to do with the family in the outdoors? Fish My Spot was started 2 years ago and aims to help pond owners rent their ponds to people looking to get out fishing similar to Airbnb

Fish My Spot was started in Ohio and the concept is growing rapidly. They work very similar to Airbnb in that people can get on their website and look at different ponds in their area to rent for 5 hours. Most cost $35-50 for the 5 hours and 4 people while others can be as much as $200. This all depends on what the pond owner sets as the price based on how big the pond is and how big their fish are. Most ponds let you keep some of the fish with length and quantity restrictions.

In my talk with the owners, they told me they have a much larger demand for ponds than ponds available. If you know someone that could be looking to make some extra money send them over the Everyone that goes to a pond signs a waiver so the pond owners do not have any liability. on top of that, Fish My Spot has an insurance policy to reassure the pond owners. While many people are looking to make extra money, many others set their prices low and help get more people into fishing.

The Fish My Spot founders stopped by the DeLong Lures Manufacturing facilities to talk to us about their goals to get a new generation of kids out fishing. We quickly realized that we could work with them to teach kids how to fish. We are introducing a kids pack for $19.99 that has 9 pre-rigged lures including our famous junior tadpoles that will catch bluegill crappie and bass. It’s the perfect lure to keep your kid interested in fishing while still having a shot at a monster bass! This pack has a swivel that can swap out all 9 lures with only tying one knot. On top of that Fish My Spot has some ponds that offer fishing lessons for free or a small fee depending on the pond.

DeLong Lures and Fish My Spot plan to revolutionize the way we get kids into fishing and into the outdoors with great lures at a great spot. With this last year keeping kids locked up, let’s get kids back outside!