New Cookbook Show You How to Cook the Easter Bunny

When I tell people I am cooking rabbit for Easter, I usually get a dirty look. I guess they think , I am crossing some unspoken line. Since rabbit is one of my favorite small game animals to hunt and eat I do not let it bother me.

One of the problems that I have found with cooking small game is the lack of really good, dedicated cookbooks. It seems like most wild game cook books focus on big game and sneak in a few rabbit and squirrel recipes as filler.  That all has changed with Hank Shaw’s new book Pheasant,Quail, Cottontail. If you hunt upland birds or any small game you need this book.

He breaks down the book into sections based on the type of animal but most of the recipes are not exclusive to that particular animal. There is a handy guide on the side that show what other animals taste good cooked that way. So you are not limited to only a handful of rabbit recipes. You can use a wild turkey recipe for squirrel if you want to, or sub out Pheasant for grouse.

I got my copy last month and have been dying to make something. Easter makes for the perfect excuse to crack her open and have some fun. I decided on two recipes this year, Buffalo Rabbit Mac and Cheese and Rabbit White Chili. Both of those recipes were designed for different animals but they had the little bunny icon next them so I was god to go.

Both recipes were really easy to follow and turned out awesome. I recommend you try them.

The chili is outstanding. It has subtle flavor you expect from a white chili and all the ingredients work really well together. The recipe was originally designed for Pheasant, but any light meat wild game would work.

The Mac and Cheese is the type of dish you will want to make for any get together. Hank takes a simple dish and elevates it. I will make this dish again and again. The dish will work with a variety of meat. The original recipe called for wild turkey but i know it would be great with squirrel, pheasant or even chicken. I highly recommend it.

This cook book is a must have for every hunter. It makes a great addition to your  book shelf. If you are unfamiliar with Hank’s other cook books do your self a favor and get the others, Buck, Buck, Moose and Duck, Duck, Goose. They are hands down the best wild game cookbooks I have ever used.