New Desert Eagle With an Old Classic Look Will Break Your Bank Account

New guns with a classic look are one of my favorite things to find. While I would love to buy this, It is probably out of my price range.

The latest Desert Eagle built by Magnum Research has a classic finish you won’t find anywhere else.

Like the old-school .30-30 lever-action rifles, each case hardened Desert Eagle is one of a kind.

Magnum Research is offering these unique weapons in .44 Magnum, .50 AE, and .357 Magnum. All three calibers are gas-operated, rotating bolt semiautomatics. Each features a 6″ barrel with an overall length of 10.75″ and overall height of 6.25″. The single-action trigger pull is approximately 4 lbs.

They’re not cheap either, with an MSRP sitting just under $2,300. That’s a hefty price to pay for a pretty gun, and it sure is pretty. The Case Hardened Eagle is covered in a protective clear coat and comes stock with a gold plated trigger and walnut grips.