New Double Shot Crossbow by Excalibur

Crossbow technology has come a long way over the last decade. Bows shoot faster and farther every year. With new crossbows shooting over 100 yards, Excalibur decided to take their new bow in a different direction.

Twinstrike by Excalibur is a multi-shot crossbow that will change the game for hunters. Shooting 360 FPS and weighing only 7.75 lbs, this bow will run you $2,222.22.

TwinStrike Two-Shot Crossbow with quiver and arrows with broadheads

Excalibur is a recurve crossbow, so they have the ability to double stack the limbs. The other brands of crossbow are all compound crossbows with a cam system. If a bow has a cam system, It will be very hard and heavy to double stack the bow.

This is a cool concept, but I have not been able to find any reviews of the bow’s accuracy. Posted below is the best review I have been able to find of the new bow.