New Information Available on Ohio Game Warden Shooting

On December 20, the last day of Ohio’s deer gun season, Wildlife Officer Kevin Behr was shot during an investigation. The details about the incident were slow in coming out, but new information that just became available sheds light on what happened.

According to The People’s Defender, the shooting took place in Clinton County, Ohio. Behr and three other wildlife officers were set up on a deer decoy attempting to catch road poachers.

The three suspects, that were later arrested, spied the deer from the road. They exited their vehicle and set up a mini deer drive from a direction that the wildlife officers did not anticipate. One of the men positioned himself in a likely escape route while the other two tried to push it to him.

The deer of course being a decoy did not run and when the two men that were pushing approached it, one of the men, Brian Liming, spotted the deer and fired at it. The shot struck Officer Behr who was positioned near the decoy.

Liming heard the officer screaming and ran towards Behr who yelled for Liming to call 911. Instead, Liming fled the scene on foot, telling the man he was with to call 911. Liming eventually came to his sences and later turned himself in.

Due to the nature of the operation Officer Behr was not wearing hunter orange and all signs point to that Liming not aware of the officer’s presents when he fired the shot.

Officer Behr suffered a gunshot wound to the lower groin area with a 20 gauge slug and will need multiple surgeries to repair the damage. A retired wildlife officer described Behr’s condition as “life-altering”. He has already had three surgeries and is in serious but stable condition.

All three men who exited the vehicle and pursued the vehicle have been arrested and charged with the following:

  • Brian Liming, 49, of Jamestown, Ohio, was charged with Assault, Weapons Under Disability, No Deer Permit, and Hunting Without Permission,
  • Thomas Davis, 35, of Jamestown, Ohio, was charged with Prohibited Acts
  • Brian Achtermen, 36, of Midland, Ohio, was charged with No Hunting License and No Deer Permit.

The investigation is being handled by the Clinton County Sherriff’s Department and more charges may be forthcoming. The suspects were arraigned on 29 December in Clinton County Municipal Court.

A fund to help Officer Behr has been set up and if you would like to contribute you can do so HERE.