New Outbreak Affecting Deer In The United States

Scary Parasite Killing deer in Florida.

Most hunters know about CWD and blue tongue but a new parasite has made its way to Florida. The Screwworm fly has been infecting the endangered keys deer. The fly lays eggs in an open wound and the larva begin to eat the deer from the inside out. Many of the deer have had to be put down due to their condition being beyond help.

According to Dan Clark, manager of the National Key Deer Refuge. The screwworm fly is not widely present in the United States, but it is found in most South American countries and in five countries in the Caribbean. The presence of screwworm can be an agricultural nightmare for farmers, and would be much more difficult to eradicate had it been discovered in a place such as Texas.

“Thankfully, we have the ability to isolate it here,” he said.

Hopefully they do have it contained and minimize the damage in Florida

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