New Pending State Record Typical Velvet Bow Buck Down

Check out Jason DelPalazzo’s  typical monster from New Jersey!!! 180-2/8″ (gross)


This is Jason’s story:

“If your a close friend of mine or my my wife, you know how I’ve been battling with this deer for the last 4 years! You’ve heard all the stories, seen the pics and your probably tired of them! If not, let me tell you I could write a book about this animal! During the previous 3 seasons I have had him in bow range each year and he was saved by trees, house cats, sleeping in, dog walkers, stolen tree stands, non functioning internet cameras, etc. Last season I even skipped an arrow across his back after I lost my rangefinder!

Each year I learned a little more about his strange habits and travel routes. Well his luck finally ran out opening weekend this year when he stopped behind a branch at 10 yards. I sent an arrow thru the leaves trying my best to pick out his vitals. With the sound of a solid hit and red arrow on the ground I waited 30 minutes and walked in after him. He jumped up at 50 yards and took off! I then went back to arrow and realized it was a liver hit. My heart sank because he ran right towards the houses where it would make for a difficult, if not impossible recovery!

After a sleepless night we headed into the woods in morning to find him completely tangled up in vines 30 yards from where I jumped him! Those vines may have just stopped him from running into some inaccessible small pocket of woods in a back yard! Most amazing thing about this deer is he lived in one of the worst counties in the state for big deer (Burlington). Finding a mature buck near my home is near impossible than compared to some the good counties up North and down South. I gathered up some trail cam pics of him from over the years, check em out!”

Congratulations Jason on the buck of a life time and hopefully a new state record.