New State Record Buck Will Smash 35-year-old Record!

Greensburg, Indiana: Dustin Huff shot a buck likely to smash the Indiana state record for a typical whitetail buck!

The Huff buck green scores at 212 inches. It can not be officially scored until the 60 day drying period, but it is expected to smash the old 195 ⅝ inches, taken by Dave Roberts in 1985!

Huff Buck 4

Huff told meat eater, “I hadn’t haunted this oak grove since probably high school, and I don’t know what told me to go back there,” Huff said. “The only deer I saw that evening was him. Oh man, it was unbelievable. Once I saw him fall, I started making phone calls. I think I blacked out. I didn’t know what was going on. It was unreal.”

Huff Buck 2
Photos: This Buck Might Crush the Indiana State Record