New Traditions Muzzleloader Deemed ‘Not Legal’ to Hunt With.

Tennesse Wildlife Resources Agency has released a statement regarding the new Traditions Nitro muzzleloader. It has been deemed illegal since it is loaded from the breach.

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You may be asking yourself how a muzzleloader can be loaded from the back. It does not make any sense to me either, but it is used as a loophole by some to hunt with. Be sure to check your state regulations before you spend $1220 on a muzzleloader that you are unable to hunt with.

below is the statement from the TWRA


The new Traditions NitroFire muzzleloader is not legal for muzzleloader hunting in Tennessee. This muzzleloader is loaded from the breech and therefore does not meet the legal definition of a muzzleloader in Tennessee. TWRA defines a muzzleloader as those firearms which are incapable of being loaded from the breech.

Statewide muzzleloader season opens November 7. To learn more about legal hunting devices in TN, then visit