New world record shot will not be recognized by the Guinness book of world records

41-year-old Bill Poor hit a 53″ target from 5,280 yards (3 miles) with a .408 CheyTac firing a 390 gr bullet at 3,160 fps after firing eight shots. The previous record of 2.84 miles (5,000 yards) had been set by retired Navy SEAL Charles Melton in 2017 after firing thirty-eight shots.

Poor had to shoot from an elevated position since the earth curvature is calculated at 6 feet for 3 miles.

neither of the records are recognized by the Guinness book of world records because they use optics. several men have sent the required information to Guinness but for some reason, they do not want to accept the records.

a spokesman for Guinness explained that the variance in optical devices will not allow for a level playing field.

Charles Melton plans to retake the 2018 record with a planned 6,000 (5 miles). Melton has called his next attempt “the ultimate shot.”