NFL Player Poses in the End Zone with a 10-Point Buck

I am old enough to remember when end zone calibrations were common place and super fun to watch. Those days are gone with the NFL making the practice all but illegal. One player however found a loop hole, celebrate in the end zone when you are no playing a game.

Trent Murphy of the Buffalo Bills decided to celebrate something muck cooler than a touch down when he brought his 10-point buck onto the turf of Bills Stadium. He posted the pictures to Instagram with an awesome Christmas message.

Anyone know the last time a AFC East Champ or a Ten point buck were in this Endzone? Me either, Merry Christmas yuh filthy animals

Trent Murphy via Instagram

As far as we can tell Trent’s fans think his post was awesome, of course, there were some negative comments but the vast majority of them were very supportive. This is in direct contrast to when NFL quarterback Jay Cutler posted his elk on his Instagram account. He received a ton of backlash.

I love it when sports figures and other celebrates show off their kills and are unapologetic for their love of hunting. Awesome Job Trent, Congradulations on the buck and on making the playoffs. We wish you well.