Non-licensed Elk Guide Pays the Price for Illegal Hunt

Kentucky is getting ready to celebrate its 20 year anniversary for the reintroduction of elk. The state boasts the largest herd east of the Mississippi. It has been an economic boom for the outdoor and tourist industries. When things go this good you are bound to have a few unscrupulous characters trying to cash in.

Byron Delong, 24, of Pilgrim, Ky., pleaded guilty in Martin District Court this past week on a number of hunting related charges. His charges included guiding elk hunters without a commercial guide’s license, assisting an elk hunter to hunt over bait, and assisting an elk hunter with an At-Large Elk Permit to hunt in a Limited Entry Area.

According to the Archery Wire, The court ordered Delong to pay $5,000 in fines, $2,718.36 in restitution for the cow elk taken illegally and $163 in court costs. The court also stripped Delong of hunting privileges for three years and probated his 60-day jail sentence.

Law Enforcement Division Director Col. Rodney Coffey stated, “Our elk have become a year- round economic engine to our state, and we will continue our vigorous prosecution of those who

illegally pursue this great resource.”

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