Noodler Gets a Surprise that Sends Him to Intensive Care

Part of me wants to go noodling and another part of me is apprehensive because of what happened to this Oklahoma man. This video is a few years old, but it shows what scares me about sticking my hand into a mysterious underwater hole. With my luck it would be a snapping turtle or like this guy a cotton mouth.

According to KOTV, Destry Mitchell, from Atoka, Oklahoma was noodling when he was bitten on the hand by a cotton mouth.

“I put my hand on top of a rock and I guess that snake was on the other side of the rock, and he saw my hand and just attacked it,” Mitchell said.

Friends rushed him to the hospital. An ambulance took him from Atoka to Ada. It was so bad, he was rushed to Oklahoma City.

“It was just a constant throb, like your heart beating in your hand, like somebody just hitting you over and over again with a hammer on your hand,” Mitchell said.

Within 24 hours, two small bite marks turned into a horrible situation, putting him in intensive care. He ended up getting 14 doses of anti-venom and spent nearly a week in the hospital. doctors say he’s lucky he isn’t going to lose his hand. They say he’ll likely be able to use his finger again, but may never have feeling in it.

Mitchell isn’t sure if he’ll noodle again, but he said he might. He has a warning for others who enjoy the sport: “Make sure to be careful.”

With a lot of things some of the fun is in the risk, but it is never fun when the risk becomes a reality and you have to pay the piper. A lot of things hunters and anglers do has a inherent risk. Make sure you now the risk, take precautions, and be careful. – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – |
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