North Carolina Huntress Kills 9-point, 142-inch Buck

This North Carolina huntress had a season opening weekend she will never forget.

North Carolina huntress Kayla Watson with her 142 inch 9-point

North Carolina huntress, Kayla Watson of Guilford County, N.C. likes sitting in a deer stand when she is not studying to be a dental hygienist. Kayla was hunting from a two-person ladder stand on her family’s 30-acre piece of property. On opening day Kayla had a nice buck come in that stayed just outside of her range. Then on Sunday evening everything changed. As she climbed into her stand around 5:30 pm the deer activity was already starting to pick up.

It was really hit or miss from that part of the property. Sometimes a lot of deer would show up there, and sometimes there would be nothing,” Kayla said.

“Not long after I sat in the stand, I saw two younger bucks and three does, but I was looking for a big deer like the one I’d seen the day before, along with some other nice bucks we’ve been getting on our trail cameras,” Kayla said.

As daylight was starting to get short a nice buck appeared out the edge of the woods, followed by a much bigger buck they had seen on the trail cams earlier in the season.

“I could see this deer had a much wider rack than the one walking out. It was holding back though, so I wasn’t sure at first that it was going to come out, but then he finally came out into the field and started eating soybeans. This was the first time I’d seen this deer in person when it wasn’t in velvet,” Kayla said.

At 50 yards Kayla pulled the trigger on the crossbow. The bolt flew true and piled up the North Carolina bruiser.

The buck green-scored 142 1/4 inches. Kayla’s dad Allen Watson will handle the taxidermy duties on her amazing buck.

Congratulations Kayla!

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