Do Not Boycott Field & Stream Magazine

In a press release the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods and their partner store, the Field & Stream Store announced that they would no longer sell “Assault” style rifles. A lot of hunters have taken issue with the stance and have called for a boycott. In a rush to attempt to punish the Field & Stream Store the magazine with the same name got caught in the crossfire.

Field & Stream the Magazine is in no way what so ever affiliated with Field and Stream the store. They are completely different entities. Field & Stream Magazine issued the following statement on their website and Facebook pages.

Today, Dick’s Sporting Goods announced major changes in how they sell guns in their retail locations, so we thought is was important to remind sportsmen that Field & Stream (the media brand) and Field and Stream (the sporting goods brand and retailer owned by Dick’s Sporting Goods) are in no way connected. We understand how that could be confusing for many, but it is the truth. The two brands are owned by different companies and are in no way related.

A lot of people just assumed that the magazine and the retailer were related. I have seen a few sportsmen mention that they plan on canceling their subscription. If you want to boycott Dick’s Sporting goods and all of their affiliates feel free to do so. But please do not blame the magazine for the stance of a completely unrelated company.

Field & Stream magazine has been around for over 1oo years and I hope they will continue to bring us wonderful hunting and fishing content. As for Field and Stream the store I could care not less what happens to them.