Notorious Poacher, Charles Beaty Writes Tell All Book About Poaching

While scrolling through Facebook I happened across a post about a book called the “Prince of Poaching.” The book is an autobiography by poacher Charles Beaty. He was arrested back in 1998 for poaching 116 trophy Whitetails over a 22 year period.  Apparently he would sneak onto large trophy ranches in Texas and poach deer.

In my opinion this is disgusting that a poacher would seek to gain profit off of his crimes. Based on his sales pitch for the book, he tries to paint himself as a Robin Hood type character, promising adventure and daring “hunts.” But in reality he is nothing but a lowly thief that gives hunting a bad name.

Here is a News Paper Article of his arrest.

By looking at his website and Facebook page he is pushing his book pretty hard and marketing it to hunters.

Here are a few excerpts from his web site.

A True-Life Hunting Adventure

In Prince of Poachers , you will read how Charlie Beaty hunted many ranches, including the world-famous King and Kenedy Ranches and illegally poached an incredible 116 trophy whitetail deer over a 22-year span.  

It includes his funniest moments, exclusive photos, many seat-of-your-pants hot pursuits and much more.

An Unforgettable Story

In Prince of Poachers , you’ll read how Texas Parks and Wildlife State Game Wardens worked with ranch security in an endless effort to capture Charlie and bring him to justice.  Read first-hand accounts of how he rattled up his top dirty-dozen bucks and details of the 11, 16  and record-setting 27 day hunts alone, surviving off the land then making it out safely when even his friends feared he may be dead

According to my research he has been trying to profit off of his sins for quite a while. Back in 2002 he had a booth at the Texas Trophy Hunters’ Extravaganza in Fort Worth, Texas. A hunter detailed his thoughts on the poachers booth in an online forum.

I attended the Texas Trophy Hunters’ Extravaganza in Fort Worth, Texas, today and saw something that really curdled my milk!

A guy named Charles Beaty was a taxidermist in Fort Worth and awhile back was caught poaching whitetail deer on a large, very well known ranch in deep south Texas. Several law enforcement agencies had been trying to catch him for some time and when they finally did, it was a pretty big deal.

As I’m walking through the show today I see a display booth with a large sign that has blown up copies of all the newspaper coverage about Beatty’s arrest. I thought it was part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife booth called the “Hall of Shame” where they show some of the fruits of criminal investigations that they have successfully closed.

As I looked closer, I saw a “used car salesman looking” guy (sorry, it’s the best way I can describe him) standing inside the booth with a nametag identifying him as Charles Beaty. To myself I thought that the TP&W had him there to be part of their display (i.e. tell how bad poaching is, etc.).

Then I looked at the rest of the display and noticed that this scumbag had written a book about his life as a poacher in Texas over several years. He described in his book how he had evaded capture and had made megabucks dealing in illegal game.

Here he is promoting his new book and PEOPLE ARE BUYING IT!!!!! ### Give me a break!!!

Am I the only one thoroughly disgusted with this piece of dog c**p actually making money off of his past illegal activity? I know it’s a free country and he has freedom of speech and all that constitutional stuff, but there is just something about this whole thing that stinks to me!!!

I am not sure if this is a reprinting of the book he is promoting or an entirely new book. It does not matter. As hunters we should not support this criminal. He more then a common thief trying to profit off of ill gotten gains. I hope no self respecting hunter buys his book.