NRA TV In Jeopardy Over New York Lawsuit.

Everything you need to know about the NRA lawsuit against the state of New York.

It has been difficult to figure out what is going on with New York and the NRA. while some sources claim the NRA is on the verge of being bankrupt, others are claiming it is nothing more than liberals trying to silence the NRA. After reading many different articles, I am going to explain what I think is really going on.

The NRA offers insurance called Carry Guard for gun owners. It pays for legal fees when someone is involved in a shooting. The State of New York was in the process of investigating the NRA for this practice when the Florida school shooting occurred. The NRA is claiming that Andrew Cuomo is illegally coercing financial companies into not doing business with the group. Cuomo is claiming that this insurance is nothing more than murder insurance that is ” Allowing insurance companies to reimburse for illegal activity.”

I am not sure how Andrew Cuomo can claim that it is an illegal activity since not all shootings are illegal. It is important to point out that the state does have legal authority to regulate insurance companies, however; The NRA is claiming this is a violation of free speech. The NRA is claiming they are being illegally black listed, and it has cost them tens of millions of dollars. These losses are hindering their ability to hold rallies and run NRA TV. It will continue to get worse since Andrew Cuomo has just released a statement saying he wants to work with other states to stop Carry Guard across the country.

When asked about the lawsuit Cuomo responded “Too bad. You violated the law, and it’s not a defense to say, ‘Well, I was committing illegal activity, but I was making money from it, and now I’m upset that I lost the revenue,'” he told CNN’s John Berman.

It is very expensive to pay for attorneys. Carry Guard helps people in the middle of the country pay for an attorney to get a fair shot in court without going bankrupt. Self defense shootings happen every day and not everyone has the money to hire an attorney. Andrew Cuomo has been after the NRA for years and tweeted “If I could put the @NRA out of business, I would have done it 20 years ago. Ill see you in court.”